Diamonds, Grapes & Grids
Produced By - Lost Conversation
Director - Marco Bagni 
Design & Animation - Rew Brewski | Fauna
Music - Sarco 
Production Management -
Dylan Cohen 

A one minute looping visual piece for Hennessy Cognac to feature at sponsored music and cultural events. Utilising the deep, warming amber hue of the drink and Hennessy's signaiture diamond motif as visual cues, we created an immersive, kaleidoscopic journey from grape to conception to the rolling hills of the Cognac region, France. 
Bottle Concept Designs
The client was clear that the bottle featured in the loop should not directly resemble an existing product and therefore part of my job as designer was to develop a hero-object distinguishable as Hennessy and yet neutral. We explored a number of concepts using the diamond - lozenge language and brand motifs before a final version was settled upon.
Preliminary Concepts, Research & Development
The most interesting stage during any project, we were privileged to a comparatively long period to play around with ideas, here are a handful of my favourite work-in-progress screen grabs for things in their early stages or which never made the final cut.